We’re on the move. Though we have loved our time in Aventura, it’s time to move on. Within the coming months, we will be moving our showroom to the Design District/Wynwood area.

Our new showroom will feature all the latest in Custom Electronics for your home, office, and yacht. We are so excited to have a larger Dedicated Theater, showcasing the latest technology.

We will be highlighting “Invisible Tech”; Ways that you can integrate the newest technology into your home without distracting from the décor. We have ingenious ways to hide equipment, wires, speakers, and even Plasma TVs.


Hello Everyone! I apologize for our long absence. We have been completing many new and exciting projects over the past several months.

Our Aventura showroom is fully functional and ready for visitors. We have a beautiful two story, 2400 square foot, state of the art space. The showroom features several living areas showcasing real life applications of the latest in custom electronics; plasma and LCD televisions, surround sound, Blu-Ray DVD players, controlled lighting, motorized window treatments, several gaming systems, and much more. Additionally, we now have a custom designed full dedicated theater, featuring a 120″ screen and plush luxury leather seats.

You are now able to have a relaxing, enjoyable experience while learning about the newest concepts for your home, office or yacht. No more crowded big-box stores and unaware teenage sales clerks. At our showroom you will feel right at home, and deal with the owner directly, one on one.

We can’t wait to show you all we have to offer! Call us for your private appointment:


We bring together the best in entertainment, comfort, convenience, and security technologies found in todays Smart Homes and make them simple for you to use. We design each project from the ground up based on your individual needs and desires, as well as the dynamics of your home. Whether your needs are modest or highly sophisticated, we can design a simple solution just for you. Once contracted, we will work hand-in-hand with you and all related trades to ensure seamless integration into your dream home.

We welcome all discussion and questions regarding any home electronics/home theater, but the subject nearest and dearest to our hearts is sustainable, comfortable, practical living.

Our overall goal is to address waste, and needless consumption. All too often, waste is perpetuated not by ignorance, but by lack of time, or viable, affordable options. We propose solutions that take all peripheral decisions out of conservation. Saving our planet will be difficult, but we aim to show there are a few cheats. By removing part of the conversation of conservation from your daily life, you will only have more opportunity to focus on whatever is most important to you. I want to show you that conservation does not have to be yet another aspect of your life that steals your time.

So, ask away! What do you want to know about home theater, automation, or custom electronics? Ask us how to make your home a greener place to live.

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